Castle Hill-Colline du Chateau in Nice

The city’s original site, the Castle Hill once boasted a reputedly impregnable citadel that was entirely dismantled by the soldiers of the French King Louis XIV in 1706.

Castle Hill overlooks the city of Nice and gets its French name Colline du Chateau due to the remains (very few can still be seen) of a castle which once stood here in the early 1700s.

It is easily accessible from central Nice and is rated as the top attraction in the city. There are three ways you can get to the top of the hill for the breathtaking panoramic views of Nice and the Bay of Angels.


Castle Hill-Colline du Chateau


Take the 300 stairs (escalier lesage) from the Old Town. Take the Castle Hill Elevator (ascenter) from the Old Town next to the Tour Bellanda which brings you almost to the top. Alternatively take the Petit Train de Nice also called the Road Train or Tourist Train. The train will give you a tour of several sites in the city then go to the top of the hill and give you 10 minutes to walk around before returning to the train.

Once on top you can discover several hidden gems as well as a café, gift shop and amazing views. The hill is a popular spot for families as there is a playground at the top, space to run around and a picnic area. You can explore what is left of the Chateau, see the ruins of an ancient Cathedral and enjoy Le Park du Chateau on the hill. You can follow mosaic covered paths that meander through the greenery and discover a waterfall/fountain which looks quite natural. On every first Wednesday of the month a siren is sounded from the ruins of the Chateau.

Rue des Ponchettes - Rue de Foresta - Montée Montfort - 06300 NICE
Opening hours: 8:30-18:00 du 01/10 au 31/03 et 8:30-20:00 du 01/04 au 30/09